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Feature Development Progress

SimCAD 3D started as a simplified 3D modeller and slicer to help my nephews to get started in the world of 3D. I quickly realized this would be a useful tool for users of any skill level.


For personal and commercial use.

I hope this will empower individuals and small companies that cannot justify the overhead of pricey software.

3D Printing

Prototype quickly and from any device with the built in 3D slicer.

Asset Store

Connect with and follow your favorite creators.

Share or sell your assets, projects and tools and build a community.

Access custom assets, projects and tools made by some of your favorite creators.

  • All features free for everyone
  • Built in 3D slicer
  • Built in Asset Store
  • Intuitive interface
  • Desktop and mobile friendly
  • Model and assemble in the same environment
  • Custom tooling
About Me

My name is Nate and I am the sole developer of SimCAD 3D. I have a degree in physics and 15+ years of experience working with various CAD/CAM applications. I have always had a passion for programming and mathematics.

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